An evolving list of products and services that we recommend for dog owners, walkers and trainers. We use and love everything on this page ourselves, and we recommend them because they make our lives easier, or they enrich our dogs’ lives (or both!).

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Julius K9 ‘Colour & Grey Super-Grip’ lead

Our go-to lead. Strong, grippy (no hand burn!), and really durable. It comes in 14mm and 20mm widths (for smaller or larger dogs) and a variety of lengths and colours.

We’re particular fans of the 2.2m length as it’s adjustable, and has a clip on each end – which gives you several options in terms of length, and also allows you to clip front and back simultaneously if using a dual-clip harness.

Kurgo ‘Go Stuff It’ food/treat pouch

A fantastic food pouch. It has a decent capacity (very important if you’re just getting into ‘Bin the Bowl’), and a zipped rear pocket which is perfect for a roll of poo bags (we leave the top one poking out, so it acts as a dispenser).

Sturdy, flexible, machine washable, and the drawstring clips don’t break (why is this so rare?). It also comes with a carabiner for easy clipping to a belt.

Forthglade cold-pressed dry food

As close to raw food as you can get in a dry food, in our opinion. Processed at 40 degrees, which retains far more nutrients than ‘normal’ kibble.

It’s a ‘complete’ food (which means it has to provide all your dog’s nutritional requirements), it’s easily digested, and easy to handle for reinforcement and enrichment. This is what we use with our own dogs.

Dingo Gear firehose tug toy

The best close-control tug toy we’ve ever found for ‘big chewers’. Yes, it’s a length of fire hose with a handle. It is practically indestructible – it will almost certainly outlast you and your dog, not to mention the coming zombie apocalypse – and you could probably use it to play tug with your pet shark.*

*Please do not play tug with your pet shark. Also, why do you have a pet shark!? Surely that can’t be legal.

Small tubs for food

We like to keep some dry food in tubs around the place, in order to capture and reinforce behaviour that we like (including ‘doing nothing’ for busy dogs).

These little tubs are just the right size, and have screw-top lids that are quick and easy to open (so there’s as litle delay as possible between your marker word and the delivery of food). ProTip: Wash by hand (don’t use a dishwasher – they’ll warp).

PAW 5 Snuffle Mat

A really good quality snuffle mat that presents a feeding challenge and doesn’t fall apart in the washing machine. We use this for any leftover dry food at the end of the day.

Yes, it’s more expensive than most. It outlasts everything else on the market, though.

PetPal Liver Paste

For rewarding really high-difficulty behaviour while out and about (leaving something high value on the floor, distance recall from something exciting, etc.).

This stuff is absolutely irresistable, and the plastic tube makes it both pocketable and easy to dispense. We never leave home without it.

Kongs (2 pack of the ‘large’ size)

Kongs! Absolutely invaluable. Stuff with something freezable (soaked kibble; raw food; whatever) and leave them in the freezer. Settle your dog down with one of these to keep them calm when you have visitors, or to bring them down after a big event has filled their ‘stress bucket’.

This 2 pack of the large size (which isn’t actually that large) is much better value than buying individually, and lets you keep 1 ‘in rotation’ at all times.

Greener Walker Poo Bags

They’re strong, biodegradable, easy to open, and don’t rip in your hands. Why is that combination of properties so hard to find? We have no idea – but these have never failed us.

Again, this is one of those don’t-leave-home-without items.

Please note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means that we may earn a small commission if you buy the product or service. That doesn’t mean that we’ll stick any old thing on this page, though – every single item here is hand-picked and reviewed by us, and listed here because we use it and love it.

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