Transformational Dog Training

Positive reinforcement, force-free, games-based Concept Training that gets real-life results

Embed foundational concepts

Playing games with your dog embeds key concepts like confidence (a lack of which causes reactivity), optimism, resilience, focus and self-control. These concepts translate to life skills which enable your dog to react to real-life situations in calmer, safer, appropriate ways.

Tackle problem behaviour

When your dog automatically looks to you for guidance in new, exciting or stressful situations (instead of running off or bouncing around at the end of the lead), you can shape their response to those situations – making both your lives easier.

Transform your relationship

Your dog’s enthusiasm to do what you ask them to do depends on how much they value their interactions with you. Games provide engagement, novelty and mental challenges – the things dogs value the most – and you become the source of all that fun!

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We can help you go from STRESS to SUCCESS with:


Showing your dog that there are other options besides barking and lunging makes everyone’s lives calmer and safer.

Lead pulling

Reshaping your dog’s perception of walks so that they choose being close to you means happier walks for both of you.

Resource guarding

Teaching your dog to share is a valuable life skill which will keep your dog, your family and everyone else safe.

Poor recall

A truly ‘bulletproof’ recall is built on a foundation of ‘proximity value’ and a properly-conditioned cue. We’ll show you how.


Growing your dog’s confidence and self-reliance makes dealing with separation-related behaviour much easier.

Your struggle here!

Have you been told that your issue is ‘unsolvable’? That your dog is ‘untrainable’? We’ll show you otherwise. Yes, really.

We’ll teach you to speak your dog’s language

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Learn to listen to your dog

Your dog is constantly telling you how they feel, what they do and don’t like, and what they find rewarding. Being able to interpret their language lets you communicate with them, on their terms. Your dog will look at you in a whole new way.

Preempt those outbursts

Your dog will usually be telling you that they’re getting excited, nervous or scared long before that outburst happens. Once you can understand what they’re telling you, you can help them cope with those emotions – giving you a calmer, more confident dog.

Enrich your dog’s life

Shifting from one-way communication to a real, ongoing two-way conversation with your dog has a genuinely transformational effect on their quality of life. Giving your dog a sense of agency may be the most impactful thing you can do to improve their life.

The best part? We’re not training your dog – we’re training YOU!

When you work with us, you’re investing in yourself. Our aim is not to train your dog – it’s to teach you the skills you need to keep your dog relationship transformation going once a training course is finished, and to adapt to new situations yourself. You’ll learn how to watch your dog and interpret their behaviour like a pro, so that you can harness their natural motivations to create new games and strategies which work for you and your dog – and along the way, you’ll revolutionise your relationship with your dog.

We’ll teach you:


You’ll learn to manage the environment to set your dog up for success. You’ll learn to train FOR the situation, instead of trying to train IN the situation (which is a quick route to frustration and failure).

The Training Loop

An easy to remember, systematic approach to behaviour management and training. Learn to approach your dog’s training like a pro – to assess, manage, and then train in a way that works for your dog.


Once you’re thinking like a pro, you’ll be ready for pretty much any situation. You’ll be able to adapt the games and strategies you’ve learned and use them in different situations, or with different dogs.

Ready to be your dog’s superhero?

When your dog looks to you for guidance – no matter what’s going on – every training ‘struggle’ becomes an opportunity.

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