Transformational Dog Behaviour Help

Sometimes, things just start to go wrong. It may have started in a small or subtle way, but it got progressively worse – and you’re now at the point where some of your dog’s behaviour is causing real issues. It’s not fun, and it can even be dangerous. There is a solution, though.

Concept Training teaches your dog to make better choices

We’ll take you from STRESS to SUCCESS


Showing your dog that there are other options besides barking and lunging makes everyone’s lives calmer and safer.

Lead pulling

Reshaping your dog’s perception of walks so that they choose being close to you means happier walks for both of you.

Resource guarding

Teaching your dog to share is a valuable life skill which will keep your dog, your family and everyone else safe.

Poor recall

A truly ‘bulletproof’ recall is built on a foundation of ‘proximity value’ and a properly-conditioned cue. We’ll show you how.


Growing your dog’s confidence and self-reliance makes dealing with separation-related behaviour much easier.

Your struggle here!

Have you been told that your issue is ‘unsolvable’? That your dog is ‘untrainable’? We’ll show you otherwise. Yes, really.

We’ll teach you to retrain your dog like a pro


You’ll learn to manage the environment to set your dog up for success. You’ll learn to train FOR the situation, instead of trying to train IN the situation (which is a quick route to frustration and failure).

Traffic Light Training

Our easy to remember, systematic approach to behaviour management and training. Learn to approach your dog’s retraining like a pro – to assess, manage, and then train according to their needs at that moment.


Once you’re thinking like a pro, you’ll be ready for pretty much anything. You’ll be able to adapt the games and strategies you’ve learned and use them in different situations, or with different dogs.

Ready to help your dog change their behaviour?

When your dog looks to you for guidance – no matter what’s going on – every source of stress becomes an opportunity.

Photo of a woman and dog standing at a wall