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Give your rescue dog the best new start

Adopting a rescue dog is an amazing thing to do. It can also be really challenging, as they have often experienced the dual traumas of abandonment by their original family (or more than one family!) and then a stressful shelter environment. Lots of shelters are very well run, but some are not – and however well run they are, it’s impossible to make it a stress-free experience.

Rescue dogs usually need help in a few specific areas:

Stress Management

A rescue dog has likely spent an extended period of time being stressed – often to the point of trauma. They usually need some targeted strategies to help them get over this phase of their life, and settle into their new one with you.


Rescue dogs often struggle with confidence – partly because of the stress of a shelter environment, and partly because their previous life experience may have taught them that trusting people often leads to negative outcomes.


A newly-rescued dog will often become ‘hyperattached’ to you as they settle into their new life. This may initially seem nice, but it’s very important for them to learn the ability of being happily settled out of sight of you. Dogs without this skill suffer from ‘Separation-Related Behaviours’, which are awful for everyone involved.

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I’ll teach you to train your rescue dog like a pro


You’ll learn to manage the environment to set your puppy up for success. You’ll learn to train FOR the situation, instead of trying to train IN the situation (which is a quick route to frustration and failure).

Traffic Light Training

My easy to remember, systematic approach to behaviour management and training. Learn to approach your rescue dog’s training like a pro – to assess, manage, and then train according to their needs at that moment.


Once you’re thinking like a pro, you’ll be ready for pretty much anything. You’ll be able to adapt the games and strategies you’ve learned and use them in different situations, or with different dogs.

Ready to be your rescue dog’s superhero?

When your dog looks to you for guidance – no matter what’s going on – every new experience becomes an opportunity.

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